Sweet Potato Vine Plant Indoors – Best Indoor Plants

Sweet Potato Vine Plant Indoors – Best Indoor Plants

Allow room for growth. Sweet Potato Vine Plant.

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How To Grow Sweet Potato Vine Indoors Como Plantar Batata Jardim Aquatico Indoor Regar As Plantas

Theyre winter hardy in USDA zones 9 to 11.

Sweet potato vine plant indoors. Caring for sweet potato vine plants indoors is a bit more difficult than it is outdoors especially during the winter. Vines By gardenermantis. Cut it into large pieces without peeling it.

Plants can also be brought indoors and treated as houseplants. Sweet potato vines like heat and sun. The sweet potato vine is a beautiful plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Rinse the cuttings thoroughly under cool running water to wash away any pests then place them in a glass container or vase filled with clean water. Set it so that the. My preference is to grow from slips since doing so means that instead of a single plant Ill have several.

Wait for the potato to sprout. Take several 10 to 12 inch 255-305 cm cuttings from your sweet potato vines before the plant is nipped by frost in autumn. The water may also smell bad if it sits too long.

G ardeners you will be so excited to learn how to grow a sweet potato vine from a sweet potato. This is an easy process and the ornamental leaves are stunning. This plant produces vine-like stems similar to the philodendron and requires similar care to that of ivy when grown indoors.

Give them moist fertile well-drained soil. The vigorous growth and drought tolerance of ornamental sweet potato vines makes them great choices for mixed containers and hanging baskets. Originating from Tropical America and Mexico Sweet Potato Vine is a perennial in warmer climates but is mostly grown as an annual.

The three most important things youll need to worry about are light watering and pest control. Use high-quality all-purpose potting soil. Plants can be spaced closer together than in the ground.

They can also be grown outdoors as annual ground cover in flower beds. The bright green leaves also make it ideal for hanging baskets. That might also help avoid a pest issue another option.

Take cuttings several weeks before your average first frost date and place in water. Its a great addition to any garden and its easy to care for. This plant grows like topsy making it perfect for ground cover and your garden beds.

Start with a large sweet potato tuber that hasnt preferably been refrigerated and hasnt started rotting. Our Amazon Affiliate Link. To keep it secure use toothpicks to prop it up on the rim of the cup or vase.

Grow Sweet Potato Vine With A Tuber In Water. Theyll grow in light shade but their colors will be duller. They make beautiful houseplants too.

Plant the sprouted tuber in a pot of well draining soil as sweet potatoes are susceptible to root rot if the soil theyre in remains too wet. This video shows you how. This typically takes around four weeks.

If your ground plant is too big to bring the whole thing in you could find the potato s and put them in a fresh pot with foliage removed to start fresh. Push three toothpicks to the center of the pieces spacing them evenly around the outer circumference. Dont use softened water which is too high in salts for all houseplants.

Below are my tips for keeping them alive and. It grows vertically and weve got you covered. In the ground sweet potatoes need even moisture and consistent watering at about 1 inch per week for.

Winterizing Sweet Potato Vines by Cuttings. The easiest way to propagate the sweet potato plant is through cuttings. After just a few months even a cutting will start to make a potato on its roots.

Store dormant tubers in a cool dry place and replant in spring. Sweet Potato Vine Ipomoea batatas is a member of the Convolvulaceae family. By growing plants up instead of out you can maximize your.

Sweet potato vines can be overwintered indoors from tubers or cuttings. Make sure that you trim the vine at a leaf node. The entire tuber should be buried by about 2 of soil.

Take a sweet potato and place it in a cup of water or a vase. Sweet potato plants thrive in full to part sun. Plants in containers should be goosed with liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

Sweet potato vine prefers moderately rich soil but is tolerant of different pH levels and soil types as long as soil is well-draining. Hardy in USDA zones 9-11 this plant can grow from about 10 to 16 inches high and trail or spread up to 4-plus feet. Remove most of the leaves leaving only a few at the vine tip and place your cutting into a glass of water.

Make sure containers have drainage holes in the bottom. Margarita and Blackie form large. Happy sweet potato vines grow quickly so be ready to support growth with staking or enough area for the vine to hang.

The Sweet Potato Vine is a great addition to any hanging garden or to any backyard eyesore. The bottom of the sweet potato should be sitting in water. Position the Sweet Caroline sweet potato vine directly in front of a southern- or western-facing window.

Mix a slow-release fertilizer into your potting soil if it doesnt contain fertilizer already. Growing Medium. They need at least six hours of full or indirect.

Stagnant water can cause the sweet potato to ingest toxins and slow growth. Once the potato sprouts the vines take off. Beginning two to three inches up from the bottom of the sweet potato insert the toothpicks at regular intervals.

The more they get the better they do. The tubers need loose soil to grow large. Dont firmly compress the soil.

Take cuttings from the main vine that are at least four inches long. Caring For Indoor Sweet Potatoes Lighting Temperature. Plenty of Light.

If youre looking for a way to add a little greenery to your home without taking up a lot of space vertical gardening is the way to go. To plant fill a container with high-quality potting soil until the soil reaches about 1 inch below the rim. Insert the sweet potato.

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