Plants That Need No Light – Best Indoor Plants

Plants That Need No Light – Best Indoor Plants

Most grow green fronds but other varieties are available in a bright electric red. Forest and Kim Starr CC0-BY via Flickr.

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10 Houseplants That Need Almost Zero Sunlight House Fur Indoor Plants Low Light Low Light House Plants Low Light Plants

And really theres nothing quite like a bit of green to liven up a corner or a bathroom.

Plants that need no light. Indoors your dragon tree may get as tall as 6 feet sometimes more. The solid-green version of this plant will thrive in low light but the variegated versions need medium to bright light. If you are someone whos new to growing houseplants this is theplant you should start with.

They do not like cold weather though so dont grow them outdoors past the first frost. Its beautiful waxy foliage its elegant upright habit and its white spathes with white spadix that last for weeks have made it popular. This tree has palm-like fronds and hails from the Canary Islands.

Another easy-to-care-for houseplant Pothos Epipremnum aureum also known as Devils Ivy can. You need an outdoor plant that doesnt need sunlight. Another colorful example of a low-light houseplant Oyster plant or Rhoeo discolor is a fast-growing and excellent indoor plant.

If grown outside they do best in zones 10 and above. These 10 Plants Will Thrive in Your BathroomEven With Little Light ZZ Plant. Though if you want the little yellow blooms to appear it will need at least partial sunlight.

Snake plants which grow best in zones nine through 11 make a great indoor plant because they require very little light to thrive. This houseplant will thrive in fluorescent lighting as well. Written by the MasterClass staff.

Plants make us happy. Mar 18 2022 5 min read. Peacock plants are no light plants that require delicate care.

They only need a minimal amount of indirect light as overexposure to light can make them develop sad leaves that can give your living space a duller look. Unfortunately those dark corners dont always have enough light for your plants. Our top ten low-light houseplants thrive in unexpected conditions and are super easy to grow.

You can grow bamboo in water provided the roots are fully immersed. If the window doesnt get shade from nearby trees or structures you can filter the light for plants that need bright indirect light by installing sheer draperies. You can use the leaves of this plant as a natural remedy.

16 Indoor Plants That Require Minimal Light. While ale vera does require some amount of lighting the good news is the plant does well in artificial lighting too so you can place it in a windowless bathroom with no worries. Indoor Plants Pictures Names Best Indoor Plants Adiantum Fern Care Aechmea Bromeliad Plant Aglaonema Plant Care Aglaonema Maria Plant Care Aglaonema Silver Queen Plant Care Aglaonema Silver Bay Plant Care Anthurium Plants Aphelandra Plant Arboricola Plant Care Aspidistra Plant Care Asplenium Nidus Plant Care Basic Houseplant Care Birds.

The spider plant is easy to care for and has air purifying properties. Perfect for desktops or as a floor plant the Zanzibar Gem is an excellent choice for offices with little to no sunlight. 40 Indoor Plants that Dont Need Sunlight 1.

If youve tried plants before and they keep dying or youre aware your area is. The Zanzibar Gem stores water in its roots which means it rarely needs a drink. ZZ Plants Zamioculcas zamiifolia also known as aroid palms are notoriously easy to care for as they can.

Also known as the eternity plant or zz gem the Zanzibar Gem comes in many different sizes and needs next to no light to survive. These plants also can tolerate drought well and should be allowed to dry out between waterings. They dont require much water and the benefits of having a plant like this are huge.

Chinese Evergreenplants are one of the best plants to grow indoors that dont require constant direct sunlight. This tropical plant is also a good option for non-lighted bathrooms. They thrive in moist soil humid temperatures and can only take distilled or rainwater.

Cast Iron Plant Aspidistra elatior. If its unshaded move the plants 3 to 5 feet back from the window so that they arent quite in the path. Thus youll find it in many windowless offices.

Peacock Plant Calathea Its patterned and colorful leaves makes this plant a lovely addition to any room it grows well in medium to low light and requires consistent moisture for best performance. Chinese evergreens are a great first-time indoor plant for. Like many other plants on this list Chinese evergreen should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid scorched leaves.

Lucky bamboo does best in low indirect light. Some of the color options are green cream gray and red. The dragons blood is a simple plant of maintenance perfect for those who do not have the green thumb.

That doesnt mean that you cant have a plethora of pretty houseplants. Thrive in partial light and heavily shaded areas. Not meant for tropical countries it can live in temperatures ranging between 1 to 10 Centigrade and enjoys shade or low light.

The Spider Plant is a great indoor air purifier grows quickly and looks excellent in hanging planters I love these from Etsy Youll never have to worry about forgetting to water these guys. My first pick for tall low-light plants is the dragon tree or Dracaena draco. Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Wallisii Peace lily is a classic flowering indoor plants which can survive without sunlight.

However the plant does best with bright indirect light. In fact there are plenty of on-trend and beautiful houseplants that dont. If the window is shaded or filtered place plants close to the window.

Find out which plants do. If you transfer bamboo to soil make sure the pot has good drainage so the soil doesnt retain too much water. The ZZ plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that can technically survive even without natural sunlight.

Peperomia is one of the plants you can find out there in the market. Maybe your living room doesnt get the natural light youd like or your office needs something green but the closest thing to the sun is a flickering fluorescent light. No-light plants can thrive in low-lit indoor spaces or with artificial light.

These smaller plant variations come in many colors that can add some glamour to place them anywhere. The Dracaena finds its happiness in humid places so you can put it without problem in your bathroom. Also known as the eternity plant the ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of the hardiest indoor.

Varieties with lighter-colored leaves like pink or orange prefer medium light. Increase the water level to encourage higher root growth and larger foliage at the top. Generally if you have a plant with darker leaves your specific plant prefers low light.

Old classic green varieties of Chinese evergreen survive better in low light.

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