March Birth Flower – Daffodil

March Birth Flower – Daffodil

The daffodil is the March birth flower. They’re one in every of spring’s most recognizable flowers, identified for his or her vivid yellow and white petals. Their flowers are shaped by a central cup-shaped corona (the a part of the flower that holds the stamens), that’s surrounded by six massive petals. Common round Easter, the beginning flower for March alerts the tip of winter and the arrival of spring. Daffodil bouquets are good for brightening up your own home or as a present after the lengthy winter.

The March birthday flower has origins within the Mediterranean, the place it was grown by the traditional Greeks and Romans. Immediately, the daffodil is probably the most extensively cultivated in Holland and Nice Britain and there are over 13,000 hybrids of daffodils that vary from yellow and white, to orange and pink.

Daffodils translate and signify rebirth, respect, consideration and unrequited love, it’s the first flower of spring so it’s a image of rebirth but in addition an indication of hope. The March beginning flower, the daffodil is the widespread English identify for all narcissus vegetation and it’s among the many greatest bulbs to plant in spring.



The identify daffodil is derived from Affodell which is a variant of Asphodel whereas its Latin identify is narcissus which can also be known as daffodils in North America. The March beginning flower is toxic if eaten greater than it’s the emblem of Wales which is worn on the Day of st. David.

Typically, daffodil refers to narcissus with massive trumpets however it may be used for all genera of narcissus. The beginning flower of March , the daffodil is understood for its yellow colour with its unmistakable scent and it must be identified that it’s native to the Mediterranean but it surely has been planted all around the world as an ornamental plant. The daffodil is a reliable spring flower and a favourite for its lengthy life in varied colours. In England, the daffodil beginning flower is named the Lenten lily as a result of it blooms throughout Lent.

Daffodil Meanings and Symbolism

March Beginning Flower: Daffodil


Origin: Daffodils initially come from southern Europe, particularly from the Iberian Peninsula; then the north-west African coast (Morocco to Libya); Italy and the Mediterranean. Within the meantime, daffodils are additionally rising in Germany, Nice Britain, Luxembourg and the Black Sea.

Symbolism: The daffodil depicts the insatiable love for oneself (e.g. within the legend of Narcissus). Because the flower of spring, the narcissus additionally stands for brand new beginnings.

That means: New beginnings and braveness are extremely valued by these born in March. That is what the narcissus stands for.

The daffodil symbolizes new beginnings as a result of they’re the primary spring flowers to bloom proper after the winter frost. The Latin identify for daffodil is Narcissus, the Greek mythological character who cherished himself an excessive amount of. His conceitedness in the end led him to his dying when he fell into the river and drowned so as to stare extra carefully at his personal reflection. For this, daffodils can be often called symbols of self-importance.

There are completely different cultures all over the world through which the March flower holds deep meanings. In China, daffodils symbolize good luck and prosperity as a result of they bloom across the time of the Chinese language New Yr. The daffodil can also be the nationwide flower of Wales, and represents faithfulness on account of its means to rebloom yr after yr on the similar time. The American Most cancers Society makes use of the daffodil to characterize hope for a treatment.

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