Low Maintenance House Plants – Best Indoor Plants

Low Maintenance House Plants – Best Indoor Plants

Plants like yucca ponytail palm and jade love a sunny room while other species like pothos prayer plants and dracaena prefer shadier areas. Leaves offer a variety of eye-catching patterns and when theres bright enough light these tough plants send up calla lily-look-a-like blooms.

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These plants are not only pretty but they also improve the air quality and some even provide topical or herbal benefits.

Low maintenance house plants. The peace lily with its broad dark green leaves and charming white flowers fits in every space. Weve picked some of our top low-maintenance plants to grow for time-poor gardeners below. Pothos a member of the philodendron family is fast-growing and has striking variegated leaves.

Regular watering can help pansies through hot weather but you can also remove plants once. Keeping the spider plant in low light conditions without direct sunlight is also possible. Because peace lilies are one of the most efficient houseplants at filtering the air its a great pick for bedrooms and office spaces.

Aloe vera plants are perfect additions to small spaces and their leaves can even be used to relieve pain or burned skin. Lastly fast-growing plants particularly vigorous climbers require training and pruning them. If you like lush low-maintenance greenery then much like the pothos the philodendron is another great choice.

For gardeners seeking lower maintenance plants hosta are a winner as they will continue to thrive getting steadily larger even without being divided. These plants are perfect for beginners because they require minimal care. Full sun to partial shade.

The Philea is a common house plants in colder climates. That said it may be worth increasing your light and adopting a wax begonia which is super-efficient in clearing benzene from indoors. BloomBox Club Playful looking and one of the more easy houseplants to keep alive Areca palms love bright not harsh summer light and transpire a lot of water so damp soil not soggy is beat.

These low-light houseplants are sure. The snake plant is incredibly low maintenance they can thrive with low light and light water. Philodendron Phalaenopsis Orchid Ponytail Palm Rubber Plant Dragon Tree English Ivy Aloe Peace Lily Spider Plant Pothos String of Pearls Paddle Plant Christmas Cactus Jade Plant and Yucca all make the list for low-maintenance plants.

Including snake plants monstera parlor palms and more and how to keep them alive. Spider plant is one of the most grown low maintenance houseplants. Plants that Grow without Sunlight.

You can also try tuberous begonia cultivars as these will be fine in low light as well. This forgiving plant doesnt mind irregular watering and goes for weeks without water if grown in cool indoor conditions. These plants are at the top of the list if youre new to indoor house plants.

The plant is relatively low-maintenance and requires medium to bright indirect sunlight. This forgiving plant doesnt mind irregular watering and goes for weeks without water if grown in cool indoor conditions. These are the best bedroom plants to choose.

Christmas cactus Schlumberger Syngonium. When they sprout it is like a beautiful bouffant hairstyle. Snake Plant Low Maintenance House Plants.

The Snake plant has long been the favorite of many house plant lovers not just for its ease of maintaining but its ability to be used indoors in the winter and. Plants that Grow without Sunlight. Spider plant is one of the most grown low maintenance houseplants.

They are pretty commonly known for their low maintenance and growing capabilities. Keep it moist by watering every few days and this plant will reward you with green fronds sprouting from the pineapple-like trunk for years to come. The Snake Plant recommended by Aaron Steil a consumer horticulture extension specialist at Iowa State.

Plant early in spring once the ground becomes workable. For the best results let the plants soil dry out. Many cultivars of the begonia are adept at keeping your air clean the rex begonia among them.

Chlorophytum spider plant Fern Nephrolepis Boston Asparagus fern Asparagus Bromelia. Place in bright light and water when soil is dry or. Or grow drought-tolerant plants in them instead.

Deadhead plants to keep them blooming nicely. The low-maintenance Philodendron has heart-shaped leaves and quick-growing trailing vines. 7 Houseplants That Are Easy to Care For.

Jade is a low-maintenance succulent houseplant. Wisteria for example is particularly vigorous once established and requires pruning twice a year. They are great for pots and will add a pop of color to your garden.

This plant is nearly impossible to kill trust me Ive tried. 5 low maintenance house plants. Product Link.

Keeping the spider plant in low light conditions without direct sunlight is also possible. 11 indoor plants that are easy to grow and maintain Snake Plant. English ivy Indoor ivy Devil Ivy Syndapsus Peperomia.

Monthly spring and summer. For light maintenance wipe the leaves with a damp cloth once weekly to prevent dust buildup. They have beautiful green foliage with cream accents.

Simply plant in average garden soil and bait for slugs and snails or spray for deer and rabbits should those critters be a nuisance in your garden. Spider Plants dont sound beautiful but they are. Spider Plants can thrive in a multitude of conditions anywhere from somewhat shady to partial direct sunlight.

Pansies are very low maintenance plants for early spring. This low-light houseplant is one of the most durable plants you can grow making it perfect for novice gardeners. List of best low maintenance hanging plants.

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