Indoor plants for every taste and location

Indoor plants for every taste and location

Indoor plants for every taste and location, Indoor plants are an important part of our home decor. They ensure a pleasant living atmosphere, have a positive influence on the room climate and can even filter and thus improve the air. Last but not least, plants are suitable for designing living spaces. But a houseplant is not just a houseplant. They sometimes have extremely different requirements. Some need full sunlight, others cannot tolerate it at all and need a shady location. Some require a lot of care, others are so robust that you can hardly break them. With our help you will find the right plant for your needs.

How to find the right houseplant – Indoor plants for every taste and location

Indoor plants for every taste and location
Indoor plants for every taste and location


Houseplants have been around in Europe since the late 17th century. Depending on fashions and the respective zeitgeist, indoor plants have always played a role since the early days. Sometimes more sometimes less. In recent years they have regained their popularity. There are plants that are suitable for a wide variety of environments and living spaces. Depending on where you want to put house plants, you should pay attention to different things and choose the right plants. This is particularly important for successful care. We explain what else you should pay attention to and how to choose the right plant.

The right plants for every purpose

The first plants to be cultivated as houseplants were brought by seafarers and explorers from their voyages around the world. These were mostly plants from warmer climes. They thrive well indoors with consistent, warm temperatures. Basically, not much has changed to this day. Houseplants have different needs depending on their natural environment. This makes them suitable for different locations and preferences.

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Indoor plants for every taste and location
Indoor plants for every taste and location

Indoor plants that need little water

There are plants that grow in extremely dry regions. The best known examples are cacti and succulents . They store a lot of water in their plant parts and thus survive long periods of drought. Even on your windowsill, such plants only need a little water, but a lot of light. A south-facing window is usually ideal. So if you’re short on watering, or are prone to forgetting to water, these plants might be just the thing for you. In addition to cacti and succulents, there are other plants that need little water. Here you will find 10 houseplants that only need a little water .

Indoor plants that need little light

In addition to water, indoor plants need light above all. In some rooms, however, only a little is available. Corridors or bathrooms can sometimes be comparatively dark. Even in such rooms you do not have to do without indoor plants. Just as there are plants that only need little water, there are also plants that can do with little light. Often these are plants that grow in their natural environment in the shade of other plants. For example under the evergreen roof of the rainforest. With such indoor plants you bring green into dark corners. Well-known representatives are, for example, the window leaf , the ivy or the single leaf . even more You can find .

Indoor plants for every taste and location
Indoor plants for every taste and location

Indoor plants that are particularly easy to care for

Do you not only forget to water sometimes, but all the time? One could even say that you completely lack the famous “green thumb”? Even in this case, you don’t have to do without houseplants. The Sansevieria , for example, is a houseplant that actually never dies. It is not for nothing that it has become a real classic among indoor plants. Other houseplants that are particularly easy for are the penny or money tree , the lucky feather or the bottle tree . If you die of these indoor plants yourself, only artificial flowers can help…

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For plant lovers with little space: small indoor plants

Most houseplants grow to a considerable size over time. Even if they don’t reach the ceiling, it can quickly become cramped on the windowsill or in the room. If you only have limited space, you should be on the lookout for small houseplants that grow slowly or remain small permanently. In this way you can put together a varied justification for your room even if there is little space.

Ideal for interior design: plants that grow quickly

You don’t have too little space, but rather very large rooms? Then conventional indoor plants can quickly appear small and downright lost. Then you need large indoor plants. But they are often very expensive. in this case , indoor plants that grow tall and grow quickly are . You can get smaller specimens and with a little care you will soon have a stately specimen in your room. This saves a lot of money and doesn’t take very long. Of course you need some patience.

Special plant species

You can select indoor plants according to various criteria. In addition to the location, the appearance plays an important role. You have to like the plant and, best of all, it has to match the interior. But there are also houseplants that you can choose according to their use. There are a number of indoor plants that have been proven to filter various (toxic) substances from the room air and thus ensure significantly better air in the room.

In addition to purely rational factors, pure passion and fascination can also be decisive in purchasing certain plants. Real collectors spare no effort and expense to build up a comprehensive collection of plants. Orchids are a well-known example of this. Not quite as well known but at least as fascinating are carnivorous plants. In this article you will learn all about these exciting plants: How to care for carnivorous plants .

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Air and love are not enough for plants either – your indoor plants need nutrients

When it comes to caring for plants, most people think of watering. That’s right. As with all living beings, the liquid supply alone is not sufficient for complete nutrition, even for plants. In order to achieve a sufficient supply of nutrients, you have to fertilize your plants regularly. This way you can enjoy your houseplants for a long time and they will thrive. In this article we explain how to fertilize your plants properly .

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