February Birth Flower – Violet

February Birth Flower – Violet

The violet because the start flower stands above all for loyalty, reality, modesty, humility and affection. Hardly some other flower is so modest and delicate. For the reason that Victorian period , the violets have carried the next messages: Violet violets say “I can be true to you”. The white colour means: “Let’s dare.”

The February start flower is violet. Violets have been round for hundreds of years and had been first cultivated by the Greeks round 500 BC. Violets are named for his or her blue-purple colour, but additionally are available blue, yellow and cream. Right this moment there are nearly 500 species of violets that belong to the genus Viola. There are a number of species which can be often known as pansies.

The preferred violet in the US is the blue-colored violet, which grows wild alongside the East Coast from Maine to Florida. The violet is so widespread that it’s the official state flower for 4 completely different states: Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Illinois, and New Jersey. If February is the month of your start, your flower is the aromatic violet ( Viola odorata ). Small and discreet, however famend for its candy perfume, the violet is a perennial of fields and woods. It’s edible and generally used within the manufacture of sweets whereas the aromatic leaves are utilized in perfumery. Within the language of flowers, the violet, whose head is all the time barely bent, is the image of modesty.

n the previous, the aromatic violet was generally compelled within the greenhouse for the manufacturing of small bouquets. That is nonetheless executed a bit of within the south of France, however in any other case the violet is in no way obtainable in February. Florists additionally substitute iris ( Iris spp.) for it, as it’s produced in greenhouses and supplied in all seasons for making bouquets. The iris symbolizes religion, braveness and knowledge. In the US, the primrose ( Primula spp.) is the start flower for February. At this season, you should purchase it in full bloom in pots, however there are few locations the place it blooms so early within the floor. Within the language of flowers, it symbolizes modesty, distinction and advantage.

Violet Meanings and Symbolism



Origin: Swordlines are principally discovered within the temperate zones, together with China, Central Asia and even Afghanistan.

Symbolism: The lily is finest often known as the heraldic flower of the French noble household of the Bourbons.

Which means: loyalty, faithfulness, mindfulness – these are the three issues that symbolize not solely the iris, but additionally these born in February.

Violets symbolize modesty. In line with Greek mythology, violets had been created when one in every of Artemis’ nymphs, who had all sworn to remain maidens, was being pursued by her twin brother, Apollo. To guard her nymph, Artemis remodeled her right into a violet, which in flip led the violet to grow to be an emblem of modesty. The violet additionally has roots in Christianity and represents the modesty of the Virgin Mary. The violet additionally represents non secular knowledge, faithfulness and humility that are meanings that may be seen depicted in spiritual artworks.

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