Easy House Plants To Keep Alive – Best Indoor Plants

Easy House Plants To Keep Alive – Best Indoor Plants

Unlike many house plants English ivy actually prefers cooler temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to about 70 degrees. Learn more in Gardening 101.

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13 Of The Best Plants For Your Health That Are Easy To Keep Alive Household Plants Plants Indoor Plants

You can keep this plant in the shade.

Easy house plants to keep alive. Make sure it stays in a. A beautiful flowering house plant the Flamingo Flower likes indirect but bright light. It turns out this useful plant is also beautiful and hardy.

Prune your plants every now and then especially dead leaves. While it looks like a plant that might be high-maintenance the peace lily is actually quite easy to grow. Surrounding it with other plants can help increase the humidity and it will do best in a shallower container due to its shorter roots.

You can plant it in a regular pot or a hanging plant container for a showy display. Generous Begonia varies in leaf shapes and many plants in the genus add some dash to your house with their colorful striped or mottled eyelashed leaves. If youve got kids or pets be sure to check if.

Air plants care Tillandsia. It is a good choice for those who do not have much time to tend to their plants at home. 12 easy house plants.

Rhizomatous begonias are the easiest to grow low-light plants in the genus. I hope you liked this post on flowering indoor plants that. It provides a lot of nitrogen.

10 Easiest House Plants to Keep Alive 1. Low-maintenance forgiving and wonderfully indestructible 1. Plants like yucca ponytail palm and jade love a sunny room while other species like pothos prayer plants and dracaena prefer shadier areas.

This plant likes the sun but doesnt. Calatheas vibrantly striped leaves make it an attractive addition to your home. TODAY Home found the best 15 indoor houseplants that anyone can keep alive and thriving.

These fast growing plants are so cute and so simple to keep alive. In all seriousness I dont know how someone could kill a philodendron. Lucky bamboo Courtesy of Amazon How much light it needs.

The peace lily is perfect for this combining the leafiness of other house plants with some lovely blooms in between. It wont grow enough coffee to offset your daily Starbucks run but in general the coffee plant is an easy one to keep aliveand forgiving too. Its unique almost silver appearance will make it a funky addition to your collection.

If you want to succeed just make sure you have those conditions for these plants before you bring them indoors. This plant is also known as the ballroom plant or the haran plant in Japanese. A snake plant Courtesy of Amazon How much light it needs.

Heres a list of 15 house plants that are easy to take care of and hard to kill. You would have to put it in a. Cast iron plant.

Use your discarded eggshells to create egg water. It goes by many names including golden pothos silver vine taro vine devils vine and devils ivy. The peace lily would rather be underwatered than overwatered.

Despite their delicate charm air plants have proven somewhat. Add the eggshells straight to the soil. Just make sure the soil is consistently moist and keep away from bright light.

Other flowering indoor plants that are easy to keep alive that you could try include Medinilla Gardenia Goldfish plant Fittonia Gloxinia Lipstick Plant and Peace lily. The pothos plant is a trailing vine that can grow up to 30 feet in length. The plant tolerates low light but thrives best in brighter spaces.

With its luscious green leaves and stunning white flowers the peace lily is a lovely addition to any space. Ponytail palms are used to dry weather and have a trunk that stores water explained Hancock. However yours will be happiest and grow best if you give it water when the top.

Another popular green addition to many homes the spider plant Chlorophytum comosum ranks among the easiest plants to grow indoors. Beautiful and easy to cultivate English ivy has long trailing stems that can drape down furniture for a pretty effect. When to water it.

10 Easy Houseplants That Anyone Can Keep Alive From a Total Lifelong Plant Mom 1. While these plants are easier to keep alive than most they do require a bit more upkeep with watering than the other plants on this list. Calathea is a beautiful colorful plant thats easy to keep alive.

Its higher in calcium and potassium and your plants soil needs that. Pothos are well known for their indoor air purifying qualities. This plant will thrive in bright indirect sun in well-draining soil with high humidity.

Here are just a few tips for keeping your indoor plants alive. Plant your Aloe Vera in a terracotta pot with well-draining dirt and then placed it in an area that receives plenty of. Also called the rabbits ear this perennial is a fast grower and even if you forget to water it every so often its trademark fuzzy leaves will keep it alive.

Indirect sunlight with weekly. The Easiest Houseplants to Care For Keep-Alive Aloe Vera. Place the spider plant in bright to medium light and keep the soil is evenly moist for great growing conditions.

Philodendron plants are wonderful indoor companions that filter out all that bad juju in the air while being low-maintenance. House plants are easily the most sought-after home decor among millennials and younger generations – and theyre certainly not wrong. The pothos plant is one of the simplest houseplants to own.

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