Beautiful and useful accessories for your indoor plants

Beautiful and useful accessories for your indoor plants

Beautiful and useful accessories for your indoor plants, With indoor plants you design your apartment and create a pleasant atmosphere. They also improve the air and climate in a room. In order for your plants to sprout and thrive, you need various things. We will introduce you to suitable plant accessories that you need to care for your plants, or with which you can show off your indoor plants to their best advantage.

You need these 10 things to take care of your indoor plants

In order for your plants to grow, you need to provide them with a suitable location that suits their needs and water them regularly. For a lasting success of your plant care, you also need various accessories with which you enable your houseplant to grow well or so that your plant has a decorative effect in the room. We have compiled the 10 most important things for plant care for you.

Planters or plant pots are the pots in which your houseplant grows. If you buy a new plant, you will always receive it in a plant pot. Usually it is made of plastic. As your plant grows, it will need a new plant pot. You should then choose something larger than the previous one. It is often advisable to transplant newly purchased plants directly. The plant pots they are sold in are usually very narrow for the plant.

Plant pots always have holes in the bottom . They allow excess water to drain and prevent waterlogging. Plant pots are available round or square in different sizes.

potting soil

Indoor plants usually grow in potting soil. At the latest when transplanting you need potting soil. If your plant is slow , it may also make sense to transplant it into new soil from time to time. This gives the plant new nutrients. Depending on the quality of the soil, it can also compact or decompose over time. potting soil is ideal for most indoor plants Universal . It is best to choose a peat-free potting soil for ecological reasons.

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Beautiful and useful accessories for your indoor plants
Beautiful and useful accessories for your indoor plants


Universal soil is suitable for many indoor plants. But not for everyone. A number of houseplants have special requirements for the soil in which they grow. These include, for example:

  • cacti and succulents
  • carnivorous plants
  • orchids

You need special soil for these plants.

spray bottle

A spray bottle is a particularly useful tool. Many plants do well if you spray them with a little water every now and then. These include, for example, orchids or plants that are native to tropical regions, such as the window leaf.

plant lamp

Plant lamps are a very special accessory for indoor plants. It can serve you well in special situations. With plant lamps, the light color and intensity are coordinated in such a way that it promotes the growth of plants. If you have selected your plants according to the location, you will probably not need an additional plant lamp.

Depending on the location, however, natural light for indoor plants can become scarce, for example in winter. In this case, you can compensate with a plant lamp. If you want to place plants in a place with particularly little light, a plant lamp can also be useful. In this case, however, it makes more sense if you choose suitable plants that naturally only need little light .

plant fertilizer

In addition to good potting soil and water, houseplants regularly need plant fertilizer. It provides them with important nutrients. Basically the same applies to plant fertilizers as to potting soil. Many plants tolerate a standard fertilizer, the so-called universal fertilizer . However, some indoor plants have special requirements to the supply of nutrients and require a special fertilizer. In this article you will learn more about plant fertilizers .

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plant trolley

Basically, you cannot avoid a plant trolley if you have a large houseplant . A plant trolley is a roller board on which you place your plant. In this way, the often very heavy plants can still be moved and it also protects the soil. Pay attention to the following with plant trolleys:

  • The load capacity – make sure that the plant trolley can withstand heavy weight. The larger the plant, the higher the carrying capacity should be.
  • Quality Casters – They also need to be rated for the load.
  • The material – You get the scooters in different designs and materials. Which version you choose is largely a matter of taste. If your plant is going to be outside for a long time in summer, you should choose weatherproof material.


A beautiful pot is one of the most important accessories for your indoor plants, along with potting soil and a plant pot. You place the plant pot in the outer pot. It should be big enough. In contrast to the plant pot, the repot is closed. This way it can catch excess water and it doesn’t end up on the carpet. Otherwise, the pot has a decorative function above all. Accordingly, you get it in a wide variety of colors, shapes and materials. As long as the size is right, you can decide according to your taste.

hanging basket

A hanging basket is nothing more than a hanging flower pot. It is particularly suitable for plants that hang over the edge of the pot.

In a conventional flower pot, parts of such plants would be lying on the ground. In a hanging basket, they can hang down and out of the way. In addition, the plants in it are particularly effective. You can also plant any other houseplant of your choice in a hanging basket.

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Climbing rods provide support for climbing plants. The tendrils can wind up on the staff. Basically, you could use any stick. However, trellises for indoor plants are often still covered with coconut fibers. This makes them look nicer and offer a little more support for your plants

floor gauge

Floor measuring devices measure three different values ​​depending on the version:

  • moisture in the potting soil
  • light intensity at the location
  • PH value

All three values ​​are important for a good growth of your plants – usually you do not necessarily have to control them. The soil measuring device therefore belongs more to the equipment for advanced users . For particularly sensitive plants, it is an important tool to create optimal growth conditions.

For home use, the moisture measurement function makes the most sense. Sometimes it is not easy to determine with the “finger test” whether a plant needs water or not – a quick measurement provides clarity here.

In addition to water and light, indoor plants need various other things for healthy growth. This includes in particular planters, good soil, fertilizer and, depending on the type of plant, a climbing aid.

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