All About September Birth Flower: Aster

All About September Birth Flower: Aster

These small, delicate flowers stand for knowledge, love, endurance, braveness and belief . In historic instances, folks believed that the scent of burnt asters drove away evil spirits. Legend has it that this daisy-like plant was created by a maiden weeping over the lacking stars within the sky. The place her tears fell, asters grew.

The aster is the September Birth flower. A part of the daisy household, it’s a composite flower, which implies that it’s product of a central core of tiny flowerheads surrounded by lengthy petals. The aster is a wildflower with greater than 600 species, with colours starting from white to pink and orange. Nonetheless, the aster is understood finest for its placing bluish-purple coloration. This September flower can also be one of the colourful flowers of fall.

All About September Birth Flower: Aster
All About September Birth Flower: Aster


In keeping with the traditional Greeks, the aster flower got here to be when the Greek god, Astraea, was saddened by how few stars had been within the sky. One evening, she was so upset that she started to cry. Because the tears streamed down her face and hit the bottom, they become stunning star-shaped aster flowers. In Greek, aster means “star.”

If you were born in September, your birth flower is the aster ( Aster and several other genera) which blooms precisely in the fall, between September and November. It is an erect-stemmed, narrow-leaved perennial bearing many small, daisy-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors. Canada is teeming with wild asters — at least 40 species — and there are plenty of cultivated varieties, too.

The aster symbolizes love, elegance and delicacy.

All About September Birth Flower: Aster 2

Aster Meanings and Symbolism

Origin: America, Eurasia and Africa.

Symbolism: The aster is taken into account in lots of locations to be the flower of hope and desires. A bouquet filled with asters is a logo of respect and respect for the opposite individual.

Which means: Many September born folks appear to be affected person and loving.

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Because the September delivery flower, asters are recognized to represent knowledge, valor and religion. Completely different aster colours may also carry totally different meanings:

  • Purple asters symbolize knowledge and royalty. Traditionally inside European civilizations, members of the royal household wore purple to suggest their the Aristocracy. Purple asters are the preferred coloration.
  • White asters symbolize purity and innocence, in addition to new beginnings.
  • Purple and pink asters symbolize timeless devotion.

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