All About May Birth Flower – Lily

All About May Birth Flower – Lily

Individuals born with the Lily to be swish, humble, and pure . The flower emphasizes the recent and youthful facet of the birthday boy. Based on legend, the lily of the valley was created the place Saint Mary shed tears subsequent to her son’s cross. That’s the reason the lily of the valley can also be a Christian image for pure love.

Lily of the valley ( Convallaria majalis ) is the flower of the month for Could. White bells (not often pale pink) are the very image of spring in Europe… but it surely blooms extra in June in Canada. It’s a very hardy floor cowl perennial… and extremely invasive. Watch out, lily of the valley could be very poisonous and its purple fruits can appeal to youngsters. Lily of the valley symbolizes humility, chastity and happiness.



In North America, florists substitute the lily for the lily of the valley because the flower of the month, as a result of it makes a greater bouquet! It symbolizes purity and majesty.

The lily of the valley is the Could beginning flower. This springtime flower is also called the Could lily or French “muguet des bois. Its scientific identify is Convallaria majalis, the place the primary a part of the identify means “valley” and the second half means “belonging to Maia.”

Based on historical astrology, the Could birthday flower was beneath the safety of the son of the goddess Maia. For the Greeks this was Hermes and for the Romans it was Mercury. One other legend tells of a lily of the valley who fell in love with a nightingale’s singing, and solely bloomed when the hen returned to the woods in Could. The lily of the valley is talked about 15 occasions within the Bible.

The opposite beginning flower for Could is the Hawthorn, which symbolizes hope and happiness.

Lily of the Valley Meanings and Symbolism

Origin: From Europe to the Caucasus; some species have been naturalized in North America and East Asia.

Symbolism: The lily of the valley is the image for chaste love and humility.

That means: Purity, grace, modesty – these three qualities are mentioned to be the case with many individuals born in Could.



Over the centuries, the lily of the valley has developed many meanings. The aromatic white flowers are sometimes related to conventional female values comparable to motherhood, purity, chastity and sweetness.

  • In Germanic mythology, lily of the valley flowers are related to the humility and purity of the virgin goddess Ostara.
  • In Victorian occasions, lily of the valley meant a “return to happiness.”
  • In Christian legend, Eve’s tears as she was expelled from the Backyard of Eden become lily of the valley.
  • The lily of the valley can also be seen as an emblem of humility and an indication of Christ’s second coming.

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