All About June Birth Flower – Rose

All About June Birth Flower – Rose

Although the many different types of roses have individual meanings, it generally represents love, maturing beauty, devotion and passion . The ancient Greeks dedicated the rose to the goddess Aphrodite and the Romans to Venus . The different colors of the rose have their own symbolism . stand Red for love, romance and passion, white roses for innocence, loyalty and longing and pink roses for youth, beauty and gratitude.

The rose is the June birth flower. Its sweet fragrance and timeless beauty heralds the advent of summer like no other bloom. The name “rose” is derived from the Latin word rosa. During the height of Rome, roses were grown extensively in the Middle East and used as medicine, perfumes, and at celebrations as confetti.

All About June Birth Flower – Rose

In England, roses as emblems suited the mood of the romantic Victorian age. The famous 15th century “War of the Roses” was titled due to its wartime symbolism. White represented York, and red represented Lancaster; both factions were competing for the control of the country. The emblematic roses became famous after William Shakespeare and other authors wrote about the struggle, although the name wasn’t coined until the 19th century.

The honeysuckle, a symbol of happiness and devoted affection is the other birth flower for June. June is the month of the rose ( Rosa spp.) and, indeed, roses are at their best in this month, both in Europe and in North America. Roses come in a wide range of colors and can be single, semi-double or double, small or large flowered, fragrant or odorless.


It is a shrub or climbing shrub of variable hardiness. You can find rustic roses as well as roses that need to be protected in winter: you need to find out when buying them. The rose generally symbolizes love and appreciation and is also the 15th wedding anniversary flower, but each color of rose has its own symbolism: red, love and respect; yellow, formerly jealousy and infidelity, but, today, friendship; white, innocence, reverence and humility; pink, grace, appreciation and gratitude and black, hate or death.

The rose is one of the favorite flowers of women all over the world. Available in a range of colors from red to orange to pink, roses can make a place shine with its sheer presence. The particularity of the rose is that it can be offered as a single flower or as a bouquet. The number and color of roses have their meaning. While a single flower deepens the meaning of color, a bouquet of flowers signifies gratitude.

Rose Meanings and Symbolism

Origin: Mainly native to the northern hemisphere; some types of roses are also found in Mexico, Arabia and India.

Symbolism: Red roses stand for love and eroticism; white roses are considered a sign of secrecy and mystery; yellow roses for friendship but also for reconciliation; purple roses to represent love at first sight; pink roses represent feminine youth and beauty; apricot and orange colors and roses stand for luck and happiness.

Meaning: Those born in June are said to have a lot of passion, vigor and joy and the tendency to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

The meaning of the rose depends on its color, though the June birthday flower is generally known to signify love, beauty, honor, faith, and devotion. You can also use roses to communicate different meanings depending on the number. A bouquet of roses signifies sincere gratitude while giving a single stem amplifies the meaning of the color.

  • Red roses mean “I love you”
  • Red and white together symbolize unity
  • Pink roses symbolize perfect happiness
  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship or jealousy

What does each color of Rose symbolize?

  • A red rose is the symbol of love and the perfect gift for someone you sincerely love.
  • A pink rose is the symbol of happiness and the gift of a pink rose means that you are happy in the company of the other person.
  • A white rose signifies innocence and purity and is an ideal gift for a baby shower .
  • A Yellow Rose signifies friendship and would make a great gift for your dear friend.
  • Advantages of the bouquet of roses gift
  • Rose holds a special place in gifts for the following reasons

It instantly brings happiness and uplift in mood to the person it is gifted with. The sight of fresh roses on a green background can give immediate happiness to the recipient.
Brightly colored roses brighten up a place and make it come alive. Thus, people are less likely to feel lonely and depressed if fresh and bright roses are kept in their home or office.
Sending roses as a gift helps build meaningful relationships. It creates the feeling that someone has taken their time and effort to send something as beautiful as a fresh rose.
Few roses like honey scent have a sweet smell which can spread a unique aroma in the room where it is placed. It helps to refresh and enhance your room.

It not only shows how much you care about the other person, but also how much love and affection you have for them. In addition, roses can be combined with other exotic flowers, creating a wonderful gift. There is nothing more pure and classic than to offer a bouquet of fresh roses in the month of July.

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