All About July Birth Flower – Larkspur

All About July Birth Flower – Larkspur

Larkspur blooms in July . The flower for the month of beginning July stands for faithfulness, open-heartedness and light-heartedness . The plant’s Greek identify, delphinium , derives from the form of the flower buds, which resemble dolphins. The extraordinary blue coloration makes this flower very particular. Within the Romantic period, the ‘blue flower’ was thought-about a logo of longing .

The larkspur is the July birth flower. Larkspurs are annual species of the genus delphinium, and the names are used interchangeably. The identify larkspur comes from the Tudors, because of the bloom’s resemblance to a lark’s spur or claw. Based on Greek mythology, this July flower blossomed the place the blood of Ajax was spilled within the battle of Troy.

All About July Beginning Flower – Larkspur


Larkspurs are generally known as a protecting plant to repel venomous snakes and remedy scorpion stings. In England, individuals even sprinkled larkspur of their bathwater to guard themselves from ghosts and magic. Because it grows wild in the USA in addition to Europe, Native Individuals picked it for dye.

The opposite beginning flower for July is the water lily, which symbolizes the persevering with renewal of life, divinity and enlightenment.

July’s beginning flower is the larkspur. larkspur Delphinium ) or annual ( Consolida . Each produce tall spikes of flowers which are normally purplish, however typically blue, white, pink or purple, whereas the foliage is strongly lower, reminiscent, one should imagine, of a lark’s leg.

All About July Beginning Flower – Larkspur 2


Perennial larkspur is well grown from seed or bought vegetation. It’s hardy and lives for a number of years. A stake is sort of at all times essential to assist its very heavy flower spike. The smaller, annual larkspur is barely obtainable from seed, which have to be sown outdoor, both within the fall or very early within the spring.

Within the language of flowers, larkspur means “lightness”.


Larkspur Meanings and Symbolism

All About July Birth Flower – Larkspur
All About July Beginning Flower – Larkspur 3


Origin: in temperate zones of Eurasia and North America; some additionally within the mountains of Central Africa.

Symbolism: The delphinium is a logo of enthusiasm and open-heartedness.

That means: Mild-heartedness and lightness are essential to these born in July.

The larkspur represents the robust bond of affection. Typically, it signifies an open coronary heart, ardent attachment to somebody and the celebration of positivity. As with many flowers, the symbolism modifications with the colour of the bloom.

  • Blue larkspur symbolizes dignity and beauty
  • Pink larkspur symbolizes contrariness
  • White larkspur symbolizes a cheerful nature
  • Purple larkspur symbolizes past love

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