10 hardy houseplants that are really easy to care for

10 hardy houseplants that are really easy to care for

10 hardy houseplants that are really easy to care for, Indoor plants ensure a pleasant living atmosphere. At the same time, they are good for the indoor climate. However, they always need some care. If you are not blessed with the famous “green thumb”, you do not have to do without indoor plants. There are houseplants that thrive with little care. We introduce you to ten robust and easy-care houseplants that also look good.

How do I recognize easy-care houseplants?

Houseplants are plants that also grow in the wild in the most diverse regions of the world. Depending on the climate and soil conditions in their natural habitat, the plants have very different demands on their environment. If a plant grows in the wild in barren locations, it is usually very robust . Such plants are also easy to care for as houseplants.

hardy houseplants that are really easy to care for
hardy houseplants that are really easy to care for


You can recognize many of these easy-care plants by certain characteristics. Houseplants with a distinct stem or thick, fleshy leaves are hardy in most cases. Plants with these characteristics often grow in very dry areas. They store water in their thick leaves or trunk and can survive long periods of drought. They don’t mind if you forget to water.

We would like to introduce you to ten particularly easy-care indoor plants. You may already know many of them. They are rightly a real classic among indoor plants. Not just because they are easy to care for. You look good too.

1. Yuccapalme

The yucca palm is a very popular houseplant. It is easy to care for and forgives care mistakes. A typical feature is the sword-shaped leaves, which can grow up to 40 centimeters long.

10 hardy houseplants that are really easy to care for
10 hardy houseplants that are really easy to care for


Depending on the species, the leaves are pointed, hard and slightly toothed at the edge of the leaf or soft and elastic. Yucca palms can grow up to three meters tall. But that takes a long time. The palm tree grows best when it plenty of daylight and you water it regularly. A little fertilizer every now and then doesn’t hurt.

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2. window leaf

The window leaf, often also called Monstera, is a particularly large and imposing houseplant . It can grow to be 2.5 meters or more. Its huge, heart-shaped leaves are particularly striking. They can reach an impressive size of up to one meter. The leaves have numerous indentations up to the middle of the leaf. Not all Monstera species grow huge. There are also smaller types that are suitable for apartments with little space. The Monstera needs a bright location, but if possible no direct sunlight . It should always be kept a little moist . Here is a detailed portrait of this great houseplant.

3. Bow hemp

Bow hemp is THE easy-care houseplant. You may also know it as Sansevieria. The bow hemp forms very characteristic leaves. They are elongated, slightly pointed and stand upright. The plant can grow up to 80 centimeters high. The medium-sized bow hemp grows particularly well in a bright, sunny location . Even with little light, he gets along. But then it grows very slowly. You only need moderate watering .

4. Dragon Tree

In its natural habitat, the dragon tree can reach an impressive height of 18 meters. One of the hardy houseplants, these plants will grow up to 2.5 meters tall over time.

Dragon Tree

The dragon tree looks very similar to a palm tree. But he isn’t. form at the top of the stem Narrow, oblong leaves . They are soft and brightly colored. Mostly green and brown-red. The dragon tree needs a lot of light , but no direct sun. In summer you should keep the plant constantly moist . In winter it only needs a little water.

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5. Rubber tree

You’ve definitely seen this classic among houseplants before. Typical of the rubber tree are its thick, shiny leaves. Rubber trees do well with little light and need little water . With good care, the plants can grow up to three meters tall.

6. Kentia Palme

The Kentia palm is extremely robust and tolerates care mistakes. The upright palm species can grow up to three meters high and around two meters wide. The large leaves of the palm fronds are heavily pinnate. The palm tolerates a lot of sun . If she stands in the shadow, that doesn’t bother her either. However, it then only grows slowly. You should water the Kentia palm abundantly in summer and only a little in winter.

7. Elephant foot

You can recognize the elephant’s foot by its characteristic trunk. It is usually bottle-shaped and has a tuft of leaves at the top . The leaves are long and narrow. They can grow up to a meter long. The elephant’s foot only needs a little water, but a lot of light . It is considered a robust and very easy-care plant for beginners.

8. Aloe

There are many types of aloe. The best known is aloe vera, which is widely used in skin care products. All species have the pointed thick leaves in common, which are usually arranged in a rosette. They can vary greatly in size. Some species have thick spikes. Aloe plants tolerate a lot of light and should only be watered sparingly . When in doubt, it is better to water too little than too much. This also makes the aloe easy to care for as a houseplant.

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9. Geldbaum

Another classic among the robust indoor plants is the money tree. It is also known under the names Judas tree, penny tree, thick leaf or jade bush. The shrub-like plant forms many oval-round thick leaves. It needs a lot of light and also likes direct sunlight . The money tree, on the other hand, needs little water. Here, too, it is better to water too little than too much .

10. Spider plant

Spider plants are very suitable as traffic light plants. Their elongated leaves hang down significantly. The leaves are usually greenish with a much lighter central stripe. The plants need a lot of light . Only in summer should they not be exposed to the direct midday sun. You should keep spider plants constantly moist, especially in summer . In winter you only need to water a little.

From the selection of our plants, you can see that there are very different robust indoor plants. Both large houseplants and small plants can be easy to care for and hardy. But the plants mentioned have one thing in common: they are evergreen indoor plants that rarely or never bloom. The plants convince with special leaf and growth forms. Some of the plants mentioned can become very large and imposing.

Robust houseplants are characterized by the fact that they survive one or the other care mistake. They are also not particularly demanding when it comes to location. If they get too little light, most plants only grow more slowly. But they don’t go in. In most cases, these are plants that occur in nature in very hot and often barren and dry locations. Of course, even hardy houseplants need a certain amount of care. You should at least give them the water they need.

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